It all started when I decided to change my career after a heart attack.  With Kat & the family we  set up the "Valley View Falconry" in beautiful Mid Wales and looked forward to a new way of life.  
What we hadn't banked on was that before long members of the public and the local vets would start to bring us injured birds of prey.  It started off with mostly buzzards, red kites and  tawny owls, but soon progressed to other wild birds, one vet even bought us a baby bat.  Pretty soon word got around that we took in animals and people started to ask if we could take in pets such as rabbits, budgies and guinea pigs.  
As the rescue expanded, the falconry business supported the venture and soon we were building aviaries, buying hutches and erecting stables.  Fully funding it ourselves, we could not bear to see any animal suffer if there was a way we could help.  
2020 has been extremely tough!  Corona Virus meant that the falconry had to close and no revenue is coming in.   Kat and I thought we would have to close our doors to any new animals needing help, but instead we started a fundraiser on Facebook and through the overwhelming generosity of the people we have been able to continue. 
Since the start of the pandemic the number of animals and unwanted pets has increased rapidly. We therefore decided to formally name the operation and "Rhayader Wildlife Rescue" was born.  Support has continued with people donating bedding, towels and food.
With lots of injured animals coming in, we knew we would need a purpose built hospital and so a fundraiser was started in order to buy the materials.  Please see our page dedicated to the progress of this build.  Again, amazing people donated and offered unpaid help. 
Our family can now look forward to continuing our work rescuing wildlife and giving the much needed care before releasing them back into the wild.  We will also continue to take in  unwanted pets with the aim of rehoming them to forever homes.
Thank you for supporting us, we really appreciate it.
Best wishes
Tim & Family

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